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XISU Observed 2017 Grand Opening Ceremony and Demonstration of New Students'Militarized Training

Sep 24, 2017  |  BROWSE TIMES:  |  LOCATION:

On the morning of September 11, 2017,faculty and new students of XISU together with distinguished guests joined the opening ceremony for the class of 2021, and final demonstration of their militarized training.Consul-General Mr. LEE KANGKUK of Korean Consulate in Xi'an, Consul-GeneralMs.Oracha TanakornofRoyal Thai Consulate in Xi'an,Ms.Natalia from Office of Educational Affairs of the Embassy of Poland in China,President of Catholic University of Lublin (Poland) Prof. Antoni Debinski were invited, schooladministrators Deng Zhihui, Wang Junzhe, Wang Tianping, Dang Zhengsheng, Li Xueruo, Li Ruiping, and relevant personnel who are in charge of different schools and departments of the University, and Senior ColonelChen Jian, Colonel Liu Fayu, and Lieutenant Colonel Li Xuanzhong of Army Academy of Boarder and Costal Defense (AABCD) were presented. The ceremony was hosted by Wang Tianping, the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of CPC at XISU.

The ceremony began with national flag escort squad who marched with steady and neat steps. Followed by squadrons of new students from various schools. They raised up slogans like "I Love XISU" and "I Love China" to represent their ardent compassion toward the University and the country, and their rising morale and engaging military appearance were meant to celebrate XISU's 65th anniversary and their confidence and determination of welcoming a brand new campus life.

Deng Zhihui, the Secretary of the Party Committee of CPC at XISU, presented an honorary pennant to the trainers from AABCD. Vice President Dang Zhengsheng gave a speech on praising the outstanding performers during the training, and presented the awards with the guests.

The President of Catholic University of LublinAntoni Debinskimentioned in his speech that a closer cooperation between the two institutions should be strengthened in regards to the extension of multiple disciplines. Faculty representative He Yu from English Language Institute, the President of Student Union Bai Rongrong, and new student representative Chai Jin from School of Oriental Studies encouraged new students to pursue their dreams at the University with ambition and confidence to face any challenges ahead.

President of XISU Wang Junzhe showed appreciation to the presence of the guest such as the ambassadors of Korea, Thailand, Poland, ad President Debinski, as well as all PLA trainers, and welcomed all in-coming undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students. He indicated that, as the very first lesson for college students, the militarized training distinguished life between college and high school, they were highly demanded to be independent thinkers, industrious learners, practical doers,as well as creative innovators. He quoted fromOutliersby Malcolm Gladwell that he hoped everyone could start accumulating their own "10,000-hours".

President's speech concluded a grand success of the ceremony.