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Three Faculty Admitted Shaanxi Provincial “Special Assistance Project”

Apr 28, 2018  |  BROWSE TIMES:  |  LOCATION:

According to CCP Shaanxi provincial Department of Organization, three XISU faculty have been selected in Shaanxi provincial "Special Assistance project". Nan Jianchong was chosen as one of the leading and excellent teachers of the Project, while Yang Zhiyuan and Geng Zizhen were admitted as young and outstanding talents of the Project (philosophy and social science, and cultural and arts, respectively).

Shaanxi special assistance project for high-level talents (aka "Special Assistance Project") is a provincial level comprehensive project dedicated to talents, with the aim of drafting and special support to around 1500 excellent talents, leading pioneers, and young and regional talents in 5 years, to train and recommend experts of "special assistance project" to be positioned in international organizations and national academic organizations, and help apply for national "Ten Thousand Talents Project".

The excellent teachers recognized this time were 56, with 15 young and outstanding talents, were awarded by Shaanxi provincial government RMB 200000-600000 per individual and RMB 300000 - 500000 for special assistance.