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Speaker of House of the People of Afghanistan Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi Visited XISU

Sep 23, 2017  |  BROWSE TIMES:  |  LOCATION:

On September 22, 2017, H.E. Mr. Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, Speaker of House of the People (Wolesi Jirga) of Afghanistan visited XISU. The delegation included Ambassador of Afghanistan in China, H.E. Mr. Janan-Mosazai, and several members and senior advisors of the House, accompanied by two officials from Shaanxi Provincial Government, Deputy Director Li Ming of Office of Foreign Affairs and Director of Office of Protocol Service Huang Baozhong. The President Wang Junzhe and Vice President Dang Zhengsheng welcomed the guests and the meeting was hosted by Dang Zhengsheng.


President Wang Junzhe expressed warm welcome on behalf of the University, he emphasized that historically, Afghanistan as one of the most important countries along the ancient Silk Road, has a close tie with China. The official language of Afghanistan Pashto was one of the earliest foreign language introduced to Chinese. After the founding of new China, the bilateral relation between China and Afghanistan stepped into a new historical level, and a deeper connection has been formed by frequently high-level reciprocal visits. Wang particularly pointed out that, XISU began to offer Persian program in 2012, and now over 70 students are enrolled, since it`s close to Dari, it has a broader application in Afghanistan. In 2019, the University plans to offer Pashto program to train these who are proficient in this language, and have comprehensive quality and competency in cross-cultural communication, in order to boost trade and cultural exchange between the two countries. Wang urged the Speaker and Ambassador to focus on and offer more support for the establishment of Pashto program. Meanwhile, XISU`s willing to work with higher education and institutes in Afghanistan to extend relevant programs and strengthen the friendship and serve for "one belt, one road" in order to strive for a mutual prosperity.



On behalf of the delegation, Speaker Ibrahimi appreciated XISU`s hospitality and pointed out that Xi`an is geographically significant as it`s the corridor that connects Europe and Asia. The declaration of theBelt and Road has confirmed its significance in thriving regional economy of the Silk Road. The bilateral relation can be traced back to the period when ancient Silk Road began to sprout. Afghanistan and China have been diplomatically tied for 62 years. The mutual trust and friendship have been developed steadily. Ibrahimi mentioned that currently over 600 Afghanistan students are studying overseas, he really hoped that they could come to China and XISU, and bring back the rich and profound culture and advanced technology home. He emphasized that the House and Afghanistan Embassy would with full endeavor to assist XISU to establish Center for Afghanistan Studies and Pashto program, and this would enhance cultural and educational exchanges, and therefore, benefit people from both countries.



The delegation also toured the Collaborative Innovation Center for Silk Road Language Service, Speaker Ibrahimi then wrote goodwill note on the VIP guest book. They had an in-depth meeting with students of Persian language short after the visit.